Kurt Cobains Death

Kurt Cobain’s Death “Its not fun anymore. I just cant take it anymore.” The words that would later haunt the world are clumsily scribbled onto a pad of paper. The room grows silent and cold..then BANG! On April 7, 1994, the music world died with a single gunshot wound to the head. Kurdt Donald Cobain took away a music legend and left a void in the music world. When Cobain ended his life on that fateful day, he not only stunned fans, but also destroyed one of the most talented bands of all-time.

The sad sense of loss that Seattle began to feel quickly spread to the rest of the country and to the world as well. The youth of an entire sub-culture was devastated. A few days after his death, 7,000 mourners gathered in Seattle to remember the musician. As Cobains widow, Courtney Love read her husbands agonizing suicide note, people lit candles, and threw burning toilet paper for the iconoclastic anti-hero. Although today some of the pain may have faded, the loss of Cobain and his band Nirvana is still being felt by teens across the country.

“Good men die young. Kurt was a great songwriter, musician and person. He has joined the ranks of great artists such as Jimi Hendrix, and the Nirvana legacy will be with us forever,” expressed Ryan Runkewich, a Nirvana fan. The sediment is not only expressed by fans, but also by such famous musicians as R.E.M., Neil Young and the Cranberries who have all dedicated songs in Cobains memory. Before the boom of the phenomenon known as Nirvana, the Seattle music scene was most famous for its hard-rock blues. In 1988, the Aberdeen native along with Krist Anthony Novoselic and Dave Grohl began with a demo song entitled “Big Cheese” and captivated the hearts and souls of a forgotten generation that had yet to make a name for itself. Nirvana had the guts to express the emotions that young people were too afraid to display.

The band and its ringleader Cobain truly became the vocal point for struggling teens. As the sixth anniversary of Cobains death quickly approaches, fans are afforded another painful year to reflect on his music, life and the very moment when everything ended. In fact, most fans can even remember what they were doing when they heard the news that Cobain was dead. “When I heard, I was playing a video game and listening to the radio. I got real upset and my friends and I sat around all day listening to his music.

I personally pay tribute to his on that dreadful day every year,” said James V., a Cobain fan. From the dawning of the 90s grunge music era, Nirvana has been the undisputed leader of alternative music. The music was not only a part of life, but rather it was life for millions of teens searching for an outlet to express themselves. For that reason, the memory of Cobain and the Nirvana sound will never die in the hearts of fans. Inner-peace what Cobain wanted for everyone: “If you die youre completely happy and your soul lives on..Im not afraid of dying. Total peace after death becoming the someone else is the best hope Ive got.”Kurdt Donald Cobain.

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December 21, 2018